Sports Week 2019

Annual Sports Week, one of the most awaited events of the year, was celebrated from Chaitra 17 to Chaitra 21, 2075 in the premises of Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS), Bhandarkhal, Sanobharyang. Student from college of medicine, Nursing, and Medical Polytechnic had actively participated in more than 20 different events held during the Sports Week.

Major General Professor Dr. Bachhu Ram K.C.(Retired) inaugurated the formal events of the Sports Week.

The week-long program included highly competitive games in Badminton, Table tennis, Football, Cricket, and Volleyball. New events including Futsal, Cricket, Dance competition, Art and Craft competition, and March-past competition added more fun to the program. The crowning of Mr. NAIHS-COM and Miss NAIHS-COM, for these year went to Mr. Subarna Khadka (8th batch, MBBS) and Miss Madanika Ghimire(8th batch, MBBS) respectively.

The final day of the Sports Week was celebrated with programs that included final events in some of the sports categories. This year’s Annual Sports Championship Trophy was lifted by Blue House for college of medicine, similarly championship trophy was lifted by blue house for college of Nursing and finally championship trophy was lifted by green house for College of medical Polytechnic . The closing of the Sports Week was marked by distribution of the medals, trophies, and the musical gala in the evening.