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Research Ethics Workshop 2022

Research Division (RD) - Planning/Research and Development Department of NAIHS hosted one day Research Ethics Workshop targeting faculties of this institution. A total of 19 participants had taken part in the one day training program which was conducted on 27th November, 2022 (11th Mangsir, 2079) in IT Hall of Basic Science Complex- NAIHS. Faculties from Shree Birendra Hospital (SBH), College of Medicine (NAIHS-COM), College of Nursing (NAIHS-CON) & NAIHS-IRC Members attended the one day workshop.

The objective of the workshop was
1. To orient and equip health researchers and reviewers on the fundamentals of research ethics during the research process
2. To provide practical knowledge on ethical principles and issues encountered while conducting health research in different settings
3. To enhance the knowledge of researchers and reviewers on various responsibilities him/herself.

1. Prof. Dr. Lochana Shrestha : Director- Planning/Research & Development Department-NAIHS & Head of Department- Department of Community Medicine
2. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kant Adhikari : Ethical Review Board Chair, Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC)

The following topics were covered in the one day workshop.
1. Introduction to Research Ethics
2. Research Ethics: Guidelines and their application

Participants got knowledge to know about the importance of research ethics. This course uses case studies and group discussion to help participants explore ethics related to research. It helps participants to articulate their own ethical framework, understand and appreciate alternate views, and consider a range of ethical issues that may arise during research. And they also knew about the international guidelines and regulation on research involving human participants, increasing knowledge and application of the principle of research ethics.


Published Date: 01 Dec, 2022

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