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Basic Research Methodology Training 2021

Institutional Review Committee (IRC) in collaboration with Planning, Research and Development Division and Medical Education Department of NAIHS hosted a five days training on Basic Research Methodology targeting students enrolled in Post Graduate program in this institution. A total of 50 participants (41 MD/MS and 9 MN students) had taken part in the 5 days training program which was conducted from 29th August- 2nd September 2021(13th to 17thBhadra, 2078). Training highlighted the areas like designing research, basic statistics, writing research proposal and other various issues that might help during the accomplishment of Research Thesis

The objective of this workshop was to introduce the basics of research methodology and to teach how to write a research proposal for candidates enrolled in Post Graduate program.

The opening of ceremony was inaugurated by chief guest of program Brig. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane Deputy Executive Director and Principal of College of Medicine-NAIHS. The co-ordinator of the training- Maj.Dr.Poonam Singh formally opened the training with a welcome speech from Brig. Gen. Dr. Arun Kumar Neopane. He emphasized the importance of research writing in medical field. Prof. Dr. Lochana Shrestha (HOD, Community Medicine/ Chairman NAIHS-IRC) highlighted the importance of the training for PG students. She discussed on the area of getting proposal accepted by the IRC and functions of IRC as well as role of IRC to get research published.

Executive Director of NAIHS- Maj.Gen(Retd).Prof. Dr. Nagendra Bahadur KC,Principal (NAIHS-COM) & Deputy Executive Director Brig.Gen.Dr.Arun Kumar Neopane along with Head of Medical Education Department-Prof. Dr.Taraman Amatya attended the closing ceremony and distributed certificates to participants and resource persons.

1. Prof. Dr. Lochana Shrestha
2. Prof. Dr Ganesh Dangal
3. Prof. Dr. Shiba Kumar Rai
4. Prof. Dr. Amita Pradhan
5. Dr. Meghnath Dhimal
6. Associate. Prof. Bibhav Adhikari
7. Maj. Dr. Bikal Shrestha
8. Maj. Dr Lee Budhathoki
9. Maj. Dr. Shavana RL Rana

Published Date: 26 Sep, 2021

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