Nursing is one of the noble professions which comprises the largest bulk of the health care force. Nursing encompasses both science and art. As a science, nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is expanding, ever changing and diversifying into specialty areas. As an art, it requires the practice horizon which has expanded widely with never ending staff shortage and the increasing demands for home care, as the role of nursing has undergone rapid changes in the health care industry.

NAIHS College of Nursing, which was established in the year 2011, has succeeded in developing a unique environment and infrastructure to deliver education of truly global standards. This college is committed to improving the standards and intelligence of nursing education and strives hard to achieve quality and confidence in education, while ensuring overall development of the students to fit the candidate in the expanding and challenging nursing roles. This college is fully aware of the importance of providing a supportive, stimulating and motivating learning environment, using innovative teaching and learning strategies and technologies.

As the Principal of the College of Nursing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the faculty and management team for devoting their precious time and expertise towards this institute. The responsiveness of our staff, the quality of our facilities and the practical approach we apply to our programs assures our determination for continual quality in education.

Best wishes,
Brig.Gen. Aruna Rai
Assistant Professor
Principal CON-NAIHS

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