NAIHS-CON Programs in College of Nursing(CON)

The College of Nursing (NAIHS-CON),which was established in the September 2010, has succeeded in developing a unique environment and infrastructure to deliver education of truly global standards. The College of Nursing is currently running Proficiency certificate level (PCL Nursing) under the affiliation of Council of Technical Education and vocational Training (CTEVT), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing), Bachelor in Nursing Science (BNS) with affiliation of Tribhuwan University Institute of Medicine (TU-IOM) with an annual intake of 40 students in each program per year. The Master of Nursing in Women and Health Development with an annual intake of 5 students in the year 2075 and College of Nursing has also started Master of Nursing in Women and Health Development - 6, Adult Nursing- 2 and Child Health Nursing-2 with an intake of 10 students from the academic year 2076/2077.The total intake students of all the programs has reached 1021 over the past ten years in which 635 students had already passed out and 386 (MN-15, B.Sc.Nursing-147, BNS-102 & PCL Nursing-122) students are currently pursuing their studies.

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