Department of Pathology

Vision of the Department

The department of pathology is one of the foundation of medical practices and is committed to provide a learning experience for undergraduate medical students, postgraduate residents and students of other allied health sciences that will catapult them into the professional arena as well- trained, knowledgeable , highly skilled, competent, compassionate, intellectually mature physicians and other allied health personnel who will better serve the nation through health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, and medical research.

Goal and objectives of the Department

The Department aspires to achieve the mission of the Nepalese army institute of health sciences i.e. medical education, research and advance clinical service.
•To provide quality education in pathology, as a part of integrated basic science curriculum for undergraduates ( MBBS programme, BSc nursing and BN programme) and other allied health sciences through active learning process and problem based learning strategies.
•To provide postgraduates study in pathology
•To conduct research activities which are valuable tools for academic pathologist.
•To provide standard diagnostic laboratory services for optimum patient care.

Introduction of the department

Pathology is concerned with the scientific study of disease, through examination of organs, tissues, bodily fluids, and whole bodies ( autopsies) and is a core discipline of medical school. The Department of Pathology in the Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences ( NAIHS) College of Medicine is one of the basic medical science departments . The integrated basic medical science teaching is of two years duration ( first and second year MBBS ) according to the integrated teaching/ learning curriculum of MBBS programme of the Trivuwan university, IOM, Moreover, Department of pathology has responsibility to provide efficient diagnostic services in the Shree Birendra Hospital, Chhauni.

Introduction of Head of the department ( HOD)

Professor and Head of department, Dr. Hari Govind Shrestha
Professor and HOD of the department of pathology since the establishment of the NAIHS in 2011

MD Pathology, AIMS, New Delhi, 1977

FCPS ( Karachi, Pakistan )
FCPS ( Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Post graduate training in Histopathology, Bangkok, 1981-1982
Post graduate training and research certificate in ophthalmic pathology, Nuremberg, west Germany, 1985-1986
Post graduate training in electron microscopy and molecular biology, Japan 1991-1992
Scientific paper presentations and publications: around 100

He is the pioneer and first MD pathologist in Nepal , an eminent pathologist and a dedicated teacher . He is the first coordinator to start Postgraduate programme in Pathology in Nepal. His contributions will always be valued in establishing and developing pathology as a career and providing clinical care in Nepal. Some of the positions he held in his journey as a medical professional are as follows:
Founder General Secretory of Association of Clinical Pathologists of Nepal ( ACPN), 1990-1995 •President of ACPN, 1997-1999
•President of ACPN, 2002-2005
•President of Asia Pacific Association of Societies of Pathologist (ASASP), 2003-2005
•President of International Academy of Pathologists, Nepal division, 1996-2005

Faculty List