community field posting

A.Community Health Diagnosis
There is provision of residential posting for students towards the end of MBBS first where they will carry out community diagnosis and family health advisory services in the following wards of Panchkhal Municipality, Kavrepalanchok Districts.
   a.Ward 4 (Khawa, Keraghari, Rayale, Bhamarkot & Pipaldanda)
   b.Ward 5 (Tamaghat, Panchkhal, Lamidanda & Zerokilo)
   c.Ward 6 (Tinpiple, Jhinganpur, Dhotra, Bakhreldihi & Dulalthok )
   d.Ward 12 (Ampghari & Bikramtar )
B.Family Health Exercise
In the Family Health Exercises Conducted in MBBS 3rd Year, each group is assigned 5 cases. The cases are selected from Shree Birendra Hospital-Chhauni, Nepali Army Rehabilitation Center-Bhandarkhal, Sukraraj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital-Teku and in the local community. All the groups are guided and supervised by the faculty members.
C.Health Service Management
The Health Service Management posting are conducted in the following Hospitals of 4th Year MBBS Students.
   1)Central Hospital:
      a.Bir Hospital Mahankal, Kathmandu
      b.Shahid Ganga Lal Heart Center, Bansbari
      c.Shahid Sukraj Tropical, Hospital, Teku
      d.Kanti Children Hospital, Maharajgunj
      e.Narayani Regional Hospital, Birgunj
   2)Districts Hospital
      a.Gorkha District Hospital, Gorkha
      b.Tanahun District Hospital, Tanahu
      c.Dhadhing District Hospital, Dhading
      d.Trisuli District Hospital, Nuwakot
      e.Hetauda Sistrict Hospital, Makwanpur
   3)Community Hospital
      a)Puspalal Community Hospital, Kritipur
      b)Manmohan Community Hospital, Pharping
      c)Lamjung Community District Hospital
      d)Sheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa
      e)Dhulikhel Hospital, Dhulikhel
Duration of Field postings.
   A)1st Year -Community Health Diagnosis (CHD)
      a)Orientation and preparation of field posting - 3 days
      b)Field Activities in the community - 3 weeks
      c)Report Preparation and Presentation - 3 day
   B)3rd Year -Family Health Exercise (FHE)
      a. Orientation - 1 week
      b. Field activities in the community - 15 Weeks (2 Visits per week)
      c. Report Preparation and Presentation - 1 week
   C) 4th Year -Health Care Management (HCM)
      a.Orientation - 1 week
      b.Field activities at various health care centers - 9 weeks
      c.Report Preparation and Presentation - 1 week