Shree Birendra Hospital (

Shree Birendra Hospital (SBH) is the teaching hospital of NAIHS and is located in Chhauni, Kathmandu. It is a tertiary level, modern, central and referral hospital of the Nepali Army.

The hospital currently has 635 bedded hospital with multi-specialty services catering for the medical and health-care needs of the Army personnel, Ex-army personnel ,their dependents as well as civilian faculty members/staffs and their dependents working under Nepali Army Welfare Fund(NAWF).

Nepali Army is also running three 50-bedded military hospitals at Nepalgunj, Pokhara and Itahari.The Army has also been planning operate two 25-bedded satellite hospitals in Boradadi,Dhangadhi and Bardibas,Mahottari.

Similarly, Tri Chandra Military Hospital in Mahankal, Kathmandu, is providing dental and physiotherapy service from its new facility, which was rebuilt following the earthquakes of 2015.

Ancillary services which are essential to provide adequate support to medical activities include:

  • Central Record Section
  • Central IT Section
  • Maintenance Department
  • Blood Bank
  • Central photographic and audio visual section
  • Ambulance Service and transport section
  • 24 hours pharmacy
  • Central Sterilized Supplies Department (CSSD)
  • Power supply and in house generator
  • House keeping section
  • Hygiene and Sanitation, infection control and wastage disposal.
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Hospital Library and conference hall

Infection control is given utmost priority in SBH. A&E, ITCU, Opts are periodically screened for MRSA. CSSD section of SBH is also very efficient and needs some modern equipments and addition of manpower with the expansion of hospital and addition of number of Opts.

Blood bank of SBH is one of the most effective blood banks of the countries. Serving army personnel of different units in Kathmandu donate blood on rotation every day according to the demand of blood in the hospital. This is completely a voluntary service. Relatives of the dependants are also encouraged to donate blood.