Shree Birendra Hospital (

SBH is a 490 bedded multidisciplinary modern hospital with all specialty services. However qu a few specialties need upgrading.

Nepal Army Medical Corps(NAMC) has vast experience of running hospital since last 80 years. SBH is the main teaching hospital of NAIHS. This hospital is commanded by a separate commandant directly under Director General of Medical Services of Nepal Army Headquarters.

All the clinical departments and most of the ancillary units are located at SBH. With the establishment of NAIHS, SBH is planned t

  • have an additional 415 bedded civilian wing t
  • cater civilian population. T
  • meet this requirement all existing vital units are going t
  • be expanded which include ICU,CCU, ITCU, High care units, Burn unit, Accident and Emergency Department etc. The number of skilled and semiskilled manpower will als
  • be increased. additional skilled Human resouce will be recruited from civil. In next tw
  • years an ultramodern OPD complex for serving army, retired army , their dependants and the civilians is being constructed within the premises of SBH. The total number of beds in the hospital will increase from 490 t
  • 900 .

    Existing Clinical Departments in the Hospital

    1. Department of Medicine
    2. Department of Pediatrics
    3. Department of Psychiatry
    4. Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy
    5. Department of Chest Department
    6. Department of Surgery
    7. Department of Orthopedics
    8. Department of Radio-Diagnosis
    9. Department of Oto-rhinolaryngology
    10. Department of Ophthalmology
    11. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    12. Department of Dental Surgery
    13. A&E Department
    14. Department of Anesthesia
    15. A fully equipped Urology unit with extra corporeal and intra corporeal lithotripsy, PCNL and other endourological modalities.
    16. Fully equipped Laparoscopic Surgical setup
    17. Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Centre which is envisioned to be developed into a National Rehabilitation Centre of the country.

    Ancillary services which are essential to provide adequate support to medical activities include:

    • Central Record Section
    • Central IT Section
    • Maintenance Department
    • Blood Bank
    • Central photographic and audio visual section
    • Ambulance Service and transport section
    • 24 hours pharmacy
    • Central Sterilized Supplies Department (CSSD)
    • Power supply and in house generator
    • House keeping section
    • Hygiene and Sanitation, infection control and wastage disposal.
    • Water supply and treatment
    • Hospital Library and conference hall

    Infection control is given utmost priority in SBH. A&E, ITCU, Opts are periodically screened for MRSA. CSSD section of SBH is also very efficient and needs some modern equipments and addition of manpower with the expansion of hospital and addition of number of Opts.

    Blood bank of SBH is one of the most effective blood banks of the countries. Serving army personnel of different units in Kathmandu donate blood on rotation every day according to the demand of blood in the hospital. This is completely a voluntary service. Relatives of the dependants are also encouraged to donate blood.

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