In communities, many health services are usually out of reach of denizens of community whether due to distance, awareness, acceptance or cost. To aid the people of community, screening test for diabetes and health promotion and awareness program was conducted on 14th November 2019 i.e. Kartik 28,2076 B.S by Department of Community Medicine, NAIHS-COM. on the ocassion of World Diabetes Day.

In Urban Health Clinic, Nagarjuna Municipality, Ward No. 2 and Community training centre, Bijeshwari blood collection and urine collection for urine dip stick test was done for screening of diabetes, followed by a rally by students of MBBS 3rd year, faculties of the department and members from the ward and community in Ward No. 2, Nagarjuna Municipality.

Health promotional activities was conducted which included a drama, video presentation and a poem related to diabetes and its effects in both places.


To screen and provide awareness about diabetes among the people of community.


Local people of Ward no. 2, Nagarjuna Municipality and Community Training Centre, Bijeshwari.


Firstly after registration, anthropometric measurements (height and weight) and BP examination was done. Then screening for diabetes from blood and urine was done.

A rally with slogan “Family and Diabetes” was conducted in Ward no. 2, Nagarjuna Municipality for awareness of diabetes.

Various health promotional activities like distribution of brochures, play, video presentation and poem related to diabetes and its effects in Shree Sita Bal Bikash School and Community Training Centre, Bijeshwori was done.

Report distribution was done after health promotional activities and those who were found to be diabetics were referred to Shree Birendra Hospital, Chhauni. During the programme, chief Guests was Executive Director of NAIHS T/Brig Gen Dr Nagendra Bdr KCand guests were Principal NAIHS-COM T/Brig Gen Dr Devendra Bdr Khatri, Deputy Mayor Mrs Sushila Adhikari of Nagarjuna Municipality, Ward President of Ward No. 2 Mr. Thumraj KC, members of wards, Principals of Shree Sita Bal Bikash and Bijeshwari School.


Head of Department Prof. Dr. Lochana Shrestha, Assoc. Prof Dr. Sanjeev Das Rajbhandari, Asst. Prof Sabin Zoowa, Lecturer Maj Dr. Lee Budathoki, Lecturer Dr. Lila Poudel, Dr. Sagar Khadka, Dr. Kshitij K Shrestha, Mrs Jeebika Maharjan Lab technician, Field Coordinator Ganesh Bhandari and MBBS 3rd year students and 5 BN students from College of Nursing

Local people of Ward no. 2, Nagarjuna Municipality and Community Training Centre Bijeshwari


Diabetes screening was successful conducted with 136 participants in Ward No. 2. Age range of patients who visited program was between 18 to 82 yrs. Out of 136 participants,74 participants did Fasting blood sugar test in which 10 were diabetics, 7 were prediabetics and 57 were normal whereas, 62 did Random blood sugar test in which 6 were found to be diabetic and 56 were found to be normal.

In Community training centre Bijeshwari, 75 peoples were screened and the results of all were normal.

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