Depression - Let's Talk

April 7th is celebrated every year as World Health Day. The theme of 2017 World Health Day campaign is DEPRESSION.Depression affects people from all walks of life, regardless of the country or age. It affects people in different way from inability to carry out simple everyday task to even suicide. Depression can be prevented and treated and for this people should have a better understanding of it.

Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences(NAIHS) celebrated the World Health Day on 9th April 2017 in its Community Training Center (CTC) in Bijeshwori. The event was organised by The Department of Community Medicine with active participation from the third year MBBS students.

A Roleplay was conducted on the topic ‘’Depression : Let’s Talk’’, which focused on the story of an adolescent girl ‘Gauthali’ in rural setting of Nepal to highlight that depression can affect any part of the country, all ages including adolescents. It wonderfully highlighted various factors that can predispose an individual to depression and how to identify, treat and prevent the condition.

The play of about 35 minutes was attended by the Members of the community, Principal of Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahavidyalaya (BGMSM), representative from Nepalese Army Wives Association (NAWA), Head of Department of Community Medicine, all faculties of the department and all third year MBBS students of NAIHS, College of Medicine.

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