I am pleased to welcome you to the web portal of the College of Medicine of Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS-COM). This website has been designed to cater current information regarding our institution to a larger audience, including prospective students. Information regarding admissions in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs is posted in a timely manner for prospective students. Visitors can also get an idea about the physical infrastructures, faculty introductions, and departmental information from the pages of this website.

Although this website’s primary purpose of informing the visitors appears plane and simple, our information technology (IT) team is aware of the huge challenges and responsibilities that the ‘age of information’ brings along. The IT team works hard to keep all the information in this website up-to-date, secured but uncluttered in a user-friendly format. The IT team is also currently working in integrating the Google (G) Suite Services (our main software for communication purposes) with this website so that any request for further information from a visitor can be immediately directed to an appropriate administrator of this institution.

For the currently-enrolled students, faculty members, and staffs, G Suite Services, primarily, Gmail and Google Classroom have served as the major conduits of information exchange. This website has also been used to serve important notices to the currently-enrolled students. The service of posting important notices on this website will continue in a manner that all of our students get easy access to vital information, such as important dates and procedures of examinations.

I strongly feel that the information posted here will give you, the visitor, a sense of the core values we share at our institution – commitment to service, greater standards of work ethics, and dedication for attaining excellence in our work. I wish you a happy virtual tour of NAIHS-COM.

Please do let me know if you have comments and suggestions regarding this website at Any technical difficulties you came across during your visit to this website should be directed to

Prof. Dr. Nagendra Bahadur K. C. MD
Tech. Brigadier General
Principal, NAIHS-COM
Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, Shree Birendra Hospital